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Be Our Guest

Since many of us are preparing to host guests during the holidays, we thought we'd share some ideas to make your guest spaces cozy and inviting for friends and family. Even without a guest room, these ideas can apply to any area designated for guests. When we're designing any new space for a client, we often think about things like parties and gatherings and hosting, because those moments are what create special memories in your home. It's all about creating a mood - paying attention to details, what guests can smell, hear, touch, see, and even taste.

#1: Make sure the room is clean!

Start here with a free way to make a guest feel welcome. We've all had those hotel experiences...make sure your guest space is far from it. #2: Remove clutter.

Nightstands and tables in a guest space should be lightly styled so guests have plenty of room for their own things. A glass of water, their phone and charger, etc. If you have a guest room that is occasionally used as a storage space until guests arrive (*guilty) make sure extra items from the closet, nightstands, or guest bath have been removed and stored elsewhere during their stay.

#3: Closet Space

Clear a space in a closet for hanging, and make sure you have hangers there as well, and as designers we have to recommend that the hangers match.

#4: Stocked Guest Bath

For trips to the bathroom, make sure there are plenty of towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and drinking cups. A tray on the vanity is helpful for corralling things like guest's jewelry, medicine, personal toiletries, etc. If you have a white towel set, make sure to have some face wipes or darker washcloths available for makeup removal, etc. so guests can use those instead of the white towels.

#5: Bedding

Consider the season and climate where you live when dressing the guest bed. We almost always use white sheets, and Tencel is a great choice for a guest space due to its breathability and softness. Make sure they're freshly washed and spray them with a linen spray for an extra touch. If it's been a few years since you bought a sheet set for you guest bed, it's probably time. For winter months, make sure to have an extra blanket or two on hand for your guests to use in an easy-to-find place. In the summer maybe a lighter throw blanket instead. Also make sure you have plenty of pillows! We'd suggest starting with 4 sleeping pillows on the bed, not including any decorative pillows, and have a few more stored in the closet if needed.

#6: Lighting

Lamps are a great way to make a guest space feel cozy and welcoming, so that guests don't need to have the overhead light on until they're ready for bed. Make sure you have a nightlight available in case the room is too dark for your guests at night. #7: Details

Tiny touches for the dresser—a small dish for jewelry and one for candy or mints.

Print your wireless password on a nice card and place in view.

Add some reading materials to the nightstand or table - local interest magazines might be of interest to your visitors.

Everyone wants a quick look in the mirror on their way out the door, a guest space is a great place to add one!

Create a charging station for guests near the nightstand. Start with something like this and to go the extra mile, include some charging cords as well that are tucked behind a nightstand or table out of sight, but easy to access, using clips like these.

A fresh floral arrangement or greenery somewhere in the guest space feels fresh and welcoming.

#8: Scent

While it is nice to have a clean fragrance in the room, make sure the scent is not overpowering. It could be a diffuser, or a plug in - but this can make any space feel cozy and luxurious.

#9: Privacy

Even if you don't have a guest room, try to make your guest space as private as possible whether that is in a child's bedroom, or whether you need to purchase and use a room divider. If you're considering window treatments for a guest space, blackout material is a nice touch for guests that are traveling to be able to sleep in.

#10: Final Touch

These items are definitely luxurious additions to a guest space, but may require the dedicated guest space. Somewhere to sit in a guest room is great for putting on shoes, reading, working, watching a show, etc. without having to lay on the bed to do those things. It allows guests to have some space for themselves while visiting. If you have room, a luggage rack or designated space for a suitcase. If possible, a spot for drinks or snacks in the guest space makes it so guests don't have to wander into the kitchen and open cabinets, etc. looking for a glass or snack. Corral those in a decorative basket or on a tray for easy accessibility.

We hope you've found some helpful tips here for leveling up your guests spaces, and we wish you all happy holidays from Michelle Erin Interiors!


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