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Discovering Your Style with AD Open Door

This week we're talking all about discovering your personal style! I often find when working with clients that they don't really know what they like. They might appreciate a well decorated neighbor's house, have ideas and opinions about current trends, or maybe they're just more comfortable following the masses. But they have a harder time determining what they really love.

The process of designing a home that is true to your style requires some education, whether it is learning relevant vocabulary or studying spaces you admire and identifying what you're drawn to. For us at Michelle Erin Interiors, Architectural Digest has always been a source of inspiration for our own homes and client projects - and we live for the Open Door series! If you're not familiar, AD has a series where they film celebrities giving tours of their homes. They talk about the design process, pieces and collections within their homes that are important to them, and how they want their homes to feel. Below, we've created a list of our favorite "aesthetic" categories and assigned an AD Open Door video to each! Read through and let us know which styles you're drawn toward.


“More Is More”

Collections and Mementos on Display

Bold Pattern Mixing and Layering

Very Little Empty Space

A Stuffed Peacock on the Wall (Just Because)

Meticulously Decorated

Additional maximalist design viewing:


Simplicity & Clean Lines

Often Monochromatic

Empty Space with Curated Accents

Slab Cabinetry

Limited Accessorizing

Fewer, Finer Items

Blank Walls, No Problem


Additional minimalist design viewing:

Urban Modern

Clean Lines

Simple Designs

Deliberate Use of Texture

Calming & Comfortable

Softer and more personal than modern or contemporary design.

You might like to shop at RH Modern.

Additional urban modern design viewing:


Brown Leather Club Chairs

Arch Back Rolled Arm Sofas

Plaid & Chintz

Border Rugs

Rich, Dark Tones

Warm Wood Finishes

Intricate Finish Work

You may be a fan of Ralph Lauren.

Your home may fit in in the Northeast.

Additional traditional design viewing:


Sweet Spot Between Traditional and Modern


Blend of Old & New

Neutral or Muted Color Palettes

Balance & Symmetry Preferred

Artfully Layered Textiles

Personality Through Design Details

Additional transitional design viewing:


Many Layered Textures

Indoor Plants

Warm Color Palette

Wood, Leather, Fur, Wovens

A Large Jute Rug

Organic Furniture Shapes

Earthy & Blended with Nature


Additional naturalist design viewing:

Art Deco/Glam

Luxurious & Romantic

Long flowing drapery

Shiny or Mirrored Surfaces

Bright & Bold Color Palette

Crystal Chandeliers

Velvet or Mohair Upholstery

Metallic Accents

Marble & Brass

Additional art decor/glam design viewing:


Anything Goes

Unexpected, Interesting, Fresh

Lots of Personality



You may pair an antique dining room table with modern dining chairs.

When it comes to mixing styles, colors, or patterns - no rules apply.

Additional eclectic design viewing:


Raw & Unfinished

Large Scale

Exposed Brick, Concrete, Beams, Ductwork

Use of Metals

Open Floor Plan

High Ceilings

Loft or Warehouse Inspired

Your home may fit in in Chicago or New York City.

Additional industrial design viewing:

Modern Country

Wood Floor & Finishwork

Cozy & Casual


Rustic Elements Balanced with Modern Shapes

French Countryside Inspired Kitchen Designs

Warmth & Texture

Your home may fit in in Nashville or Austin, Texas.

Additional modern country design viewing:


Rough, Aged, Reclaimed Wood


Stone Floors or Fireplace

Mounted Antlers

Solid Furniture Pieces in Rich Leather

Rugged & Early

Cabin Inspired

Your home may fit in in Colorado or Wyoming.

Additional rustic design viewing:

There are so many beautiful ways to design a home that the options can be overwhelming. It is always helpful to have a starting point - maybe it is one of the AD videos above or a photo you've have saved for years. When you can start putting words and images together, a picture will start to form of how your ideal space will feel. When working together we'll really work with you to try to nail your personal style. If you're feeling stuck, give us a call for a free consultation!


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