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The World of Wallpaper

Professionally designed spaces always create a "mood." If you are looking for a way to elevate a space, wallpaper is a great option. The possibilities in colors, textures and designs are endless and you'll be well on your way to living in the beautiful space you've imagined!

Here are the top questions we get about using wallpaper:

Q : Where do you put wallpaper?

A: Enclosed rooms that have a good starting and stopping point for the paper - maybe it dies at a door casing or molding. The powder bath is a great place to use in a bold statement paper, and because your square footage is less, you can use a more luxurious paper without blowing your budget. We like to also paint the ceiling in a coordinating color for the most cohesive look.

Q: Can I install wallpaper myself?

A: Unless you are a professional wallpaper hanger, we wouldn't recommend it. Use a professional to measure, tell you the number of rolls to order for your space, & to install it. If you're investing in wallpaper, make sure it is installed correctly. Papers like grasscloths can be ruined if the adhesive isn't applied correctly, and something with a repeating pattern needs an expert eye to line up each piece perfectly.

Q: Is it true that you can wallpaper a ceiling?

A: YES! We typically discourage accent walls - but we do love the look of an amazing paper on the ceiling. For the best results, some kind of molding or trim should separate the wallpapered ceiling from the walls below. Unlike the faux painting of the early 2000’s, using a wallpaper provides endless possibilities for a very personalized look.

Q: When I think of wallpaper, I have flashbacks to my grandmother’s floral bathroom. What are some of the new types of wallpaper and what looks are more timeless?

A: If a bold pattern makes you nervous, textural papers like stitched leather, cork, and grasscloth are timeless and even provide a bit of sound insulation. Consider using a wallpaper mural for a dramatic effect on a larger scale. So many options are available for either a subtle background or a bold, dynamic statement.

Q: Isn't wallpaper impossible to remove?

A: Just like any other home project, it is doable but may be frustrating the first few times if you don't have the skills or experience to do it. If you're willing to have someone else do the removal, any wallpaper installer will be able to both install and remove paper.

Q: I would love to add some wallpaper but I have texture on my walls—what can I do?

A: It depends on your wall texture and also the paper you're using. Our wallpaper installer showed us a trick! He took some aluminum foil, rubbed it on a textured wall surface, and showed us the amount of texture you could see impressed in the foil. He said the effect on a wallpaper would be the same if we were to paper over that texture without a skin coat. The uneven surface also makes it difficult to get good adherence. If you're building or remodeling and want to use wallpaper, let your builder know so they can prep the walls accordingly. Otherwise, walls can be smoothed by giving it a skim coat with joint compound. Your wallpaper professional can help you determine the best way to get the right surface for the best look.

Q: I’m not sure where to even start since there are so many options—where do you recommend I look? Can you help me narrow down the possibilities so I don’t have to spend hours and hours searching?

A: We recommend spending a little time on Pinterest so you get a basic feel for your preferences and then giving us a call to help you finalize your choices based on your space and overall decor. We can do this virtually and would love to help you!


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