Week 6 One Room Challenge Reveal

Thanks for following along with our six week transformation of this powder bathroom! If you missed our weekly updates, click here to follow along: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The One Room Challenge is a biannual event where designers and/or homeowners across the country enter one room in the challenge and document the design process, design tips, project sources, etc. over a six week period. This was our first experience entering as a Guest Participant in the challenge, and we’re excited to enter again in October!

On this project, we worked with a client who had recently remodeled her master bathroom, and had updated much of the rest of the main level. We worked with her to update the powder bathroom to match the style that they’d incorporated through the rest of their home! Since powder bathrooms are one of our favorite places to pack big design in a small space - that’s exactly what we did and we’re so happy with the transformation!


Just a reminder of the “before” photo of the powder bath. We wanted to update the Tuscan style furnishings and accessories for a more modern look.


Our client was great and took on several parts of the project herself - including painting the existing trim black, and staining the slate tile floor.


We added a mixture of brass and black hardware and fixtures to compliment the wallpaper! Love this faucet that we tagged in our Week 5 post.


We worked with Wallpaper Mama in Utah to install the wallpaper - and she did a great job matching up the pattern! Such a fun wallpaper and definitely makes a statement in the space.


We added a few simple details after the tile accent wall, wallpaper, and vanity had been installed - the room really didn’t need much else and we didn’t want it to feel too busy.

In UT, some of our favorite spots to shop for styling accessories are Highland Gardens, Home Goods, Down to Earth, and World Market!


This black tile from Bedrosians has become one of our new favorites - and it comes in NINE colors and two sizes!


This little art piece from Minted was the cherry on top for our install - we love using simple sketch artwork with a busy wallpaper. It adds another layer without fighting with the statement paper.


As with any project, we have just a few things left on our punch list for this bathroom - a few adjustments to wallpaper and getting the mirror hung on the tile wall but we loved working on this space and the challenge of getting it all done in 6 weeks.

We met with this client for the first time on day 1 of the challenge, spent the first two weeks finalizing design choices and getting samples approved, weeks 3-4 were primarily finalizing orders and scheduling installation, and the final two weeks were waiting for orders to come in and working with installers to get everything done on time!


Make sure to check out the other participants for this springs’ One Room Challenge and we’ll be back for more in October!

ORC Blog page (www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog)


One Room Challenge Week 5

We’re in the home stretch of the One Room Challenge! Our countdown is officially at 6 days! Still a lot to do, but we’ve got all of our installations lined up and keeping our fingers crossed that it all comes together.

This week we wanted to share some of our sources for the materials we used in the powder bathroom, how we made selections, and also show you the finished tile accent wall!

First off - light fixtures! We’ve heard it said that light fixtures are the jewelry of the room…if there is ONE thing we would choose as the stand out statement piece in a room it would be lighting! In this powder bath, we were lucky that there are actually TWO fixtures, an overhead flush mount and a vanity light. Just a reminder of the fixtures that were here…although it turns out that direct photos of light fixtures while they’re on in a powder bathroom don’t turn out so well!


For both fixtures, we chose a more modern style that fits with the black, white, neutral color scheme we have going. Both fixtures were chosen from Hudson Valley Lighting!

We shared the bathroom vanity we chose last week - and can’t wait to see it installed! We also have a mirror, artwork, and hardware ready to be installed this week! Since the wallpaper and accent tile are such a statement in this room, we kept some of the other finishing details more understated.

While the wallpaper is going on 3 walls in the powder bathroom, we still felt like it need one piece of art on the main wall! We found this cute print from Minted.com (one of our most favorite resources for quick ship artwork!)

One of the questions we get asked by clients the most is about mixing finishes! How many can you have in a room, does everything need to match your door hardware, and what finishes are timeless vs. trendy! Well our personal opinion is that almost anything goes these days as far as finish mixing. Here are a few “rules” we play by:

1.) Make it intentional! Mixing polished and brushed brass in the same room feels more like a mistake than an intentional design choice. If you want to mix and match, stick with finishes that are clearly different.

2.) We’ve found it’s often more about the style of the finishes than the color. You can find a timeless, classic style for light fixtures and hardware in every finish! Instead of worrying too much about the color, go for classic, timeless shapes instead of the trendy ones.

And last but not least…our wallpaper! We’re so excited to see this go up early this week.

Last, we wanted to share the progress on the tile accent wall! We went with the Cloe 2.5x8” tile from Bedrosians. We looove this tile in place of a standard subway tile - it has so much more variation and interest! And for grout we wanted a slight contrast, so we went with Permacolor Dusty Grey!


They started the day filling drywall from where the plumbing had to be rerouted from the floor to the wall. Lucky for everyone, the tiles fit almost perfectly 7 across - so no weird cuts!


We looove how it turned out and can’t wait to see everything else come together early this week!

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One Room Challenge Week 4

We’re feeling the time crunch this week!! The 6 week timeline is definitely a challenge for a full bathroom remodel, even though it’s a powder bath.

Over the past week we’ve nailed down a vanity style, light fixtures, completing room elevations for our contractors, and trying to get all of our scheduling lined up to be done before May 9!

It’s always fun, for us at least, to hear more details about the design process and things we’ve learned along the way. Not working directly with a builder or general contractor on this project, we’ve run into a few obstacles that typically get handled behind the scenes!

We learned that putting together a custom vanity - cabinet, countertop, hardware, etc. - is just a longer process than 6 weeks between cabinet design, countertop selection, fabrication, templating for countertops, and final installation. After the first 2-3 weeks trying to figure out a way to get it all done on time, we realized if we were to have any chance of meeting the deadline that we’d need to find a pre-made vanity! Luckily we found this one from Room and Board that is really similar to what we were wanting to have made, and it even came in a 26” size, which proved hard to find!

Did you know that code technically requires 15” of space between the centerline of the toilet and the wall or vanity on either side? With 18” being the recommendation.


Another issue we ran into is actually a common problem with many UT and west coast homes! While homes in other parts of the country are built standard with smooth wall texture, here the texture is used to hide wall imperfections. Perfectly smooth walls are typically an upgrade, if they’re even available! That makes things like wallpaper and tile tricky - especially if you want perfectly flat tile or if you’re using a wallpaper without much of a pattern or texture.

Lucky for us - our wallpaper and tile installers have been able to work with the texture in this powder bath, and we’ll share more next week! Here’s what we mean by the wall texture:


We also put together the following elevation of the vanity wall this week to give our contractors the specifics on spacing and size for installation!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 8.27.32 AM.png

This week we also got the vanity mirror, light fixtures, hardware, and artwork ordered! After this week we’re feeling much better about getting everything done in time…fingers crossed!

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One Room Challenge Week 3

And we’re halfway there! For our first entry in the One Room Challenge, we’re working with a local client to make over her powder bathroom to fit the style of the rest of her home that had previously been updated.

This past week was a lot of problem solving, ordering, and scheduling installation! Nothing too exciting as far as update photos go, but things will start to happen this week and we can’t wait to share! 


Check out the progress of the other guest participants at the following link: ORC Blog page (www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog)


One Room Challenge Week 2: Final Design

Hello! After a crazy week, we’re a day behind posting our Week 2 One Room Challenge Update, but we had a lot of progress this week!

After debating whether to replace the flooring in the powder bathroom and through the mudroom, our client decided to try a few coats of black stain finish first! We’re so impressed with change - check out the result with a reminder of the existing tile!


With the flooring decided, we presented a moodboard based on the clients’ idea for an updated, modern black and white design! A fun black tile accent wall, high contrast black, white, and brass finishes, new light fixtures, and a statement wallpaper. PS We know we have a good client when they tell us they’re not afraid of a bold wallpaper!

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 9.13.32 PM.png

Finally, we presented a few renderings based on the moodboard above. Scroll down to see which we picked for our final design!

ORC 2.jpg
ORC 8.jpg
ORC 5.jpg

We decided on….option #3! This week we’ll start getting installation schedule and materials ordered, can’t wait to see it all come together.

Check out the link below to see the other guest participant updates from week 2! ORC Blog page (www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog)

One Room Challenge Week 1: Powder Bathroom Makeover

We’re excited to be entering as a Guest Participant for our first ever One Room Challenge!

Today is officially day 1 of the six week spring challenge where we’ll take you along from start to finish for the design of one room - in our case, a powder bathroom! We’ll share progress photos, inspiration, a peek into our design process, moodboards, and more. We hope you enjoy following along and check out the other participants’ rooms here: One Room Challenge Guest Participants’ Blog

Check back each Thursday for a blog post and a project update, and look for the final reveal on Thursday May 9!


Today we’re sharing a few “before photos!” Our client’s modern, updated aesthetic is reflected in the rest of her home - and we’re excited to give this Tuscan inspired powder bath an update to match!


Here’s what we have in mind for the space - but we’ll share more specifics next week!

  1. Update to vanity cabinet and countertop

  2. New hardware throughout

  3. Replace mirror and vanity fixture

  4. Statement wall treatment

  5. Update flooring

  6. Update accessories and wall decor


See you next week for a Week 2 Update where we’ll share some inspiration photos and our concept board for the room design!


You Asked, We Answered: Designer Q&A


In a recent Instagram story (if you don’t already follow us, you can here!), we opened up for questions from our followers about what they wanted to know about us or working with a designer. In case you missed our Q&A, we’ve compiled the questions asked and what we answered for you to read through!

Q: Do you like for clients to be involved in the design process or are you more of a hands-off approach?

A: We've had and loved working with both clients who want to be involved every step of the way and have lots of great ideas already, and also clients who need someone to present ideas to them and make the actual decision making process easier!

Q: Do you do both remodels and new builds? What about decorating help— is there a minimum budget?

A: All of the above! We have junior designers who work on a range of smaller scale projects including styling or making paint color selections, so no minimum budget!

Q: I see you're located in Utah. Do you take clients from Utah only?

A: We are based in Utah, but completed two new construction projects out of state last year— and love our out of state clients!

Q: How do you charge clients?

A: Our most typical project is billed hourly at the end of each month! Our goal is to be as transparent on pricing as possible, and we'll go over all of this in detail at our consultation.

Q: Did you study to be an interior designer?

A: Yes! After getting a bachelor's degree in exercise science, my completely unrelated first job out of college was at a design firm in Beverly Hills, CA. I loved it (and have always loved design) and decided to go back to school for interior architecture at UCLA!

Q: Where do you get your design inspiration?

A: While inspiration can come from EVERYWHERE, our favorite way to find inspiration is through travel and exploring. And that doesn't have to mean from a foreign country— you can tour your own city or state for all kinds of design inspiration!

Q: Do you source trade items only?

A: No— but we do have vendors we know, love, and trust to do quality work!

Q: Where should you splurge on a design project?

A: Great question— first we would say the things you're really excited about! That wallpaper or backsplash tile you fell in love with are the things you'll love the most even if they're slightly out of your comfort zone or your price range. There are always ways to incorporate those details in smaller quantities so they don't break the bank. Second, don't skimp on upholstery, light fixtures, or cabinets! That's where we think quality is the most obvious.

Q: Do you offer free consultations?

A: Not always, but now is such a great time of year to start thinking about your design project that we're offering free consultations through the end of March! Give us a call to schedule!

Q: How long have you been in the industry?

A: About 5 years!

Q: What is your favorite part of the design process?

A: Ah, we have two! One is becoming friends with our clients so we can make their home a reflection of them! The second is pushing clients slightly out of their comfort zone as far as style goes— we find that the things that stretch them end up being their favorite parts of the finished design!

Any questions for us that you still don’t have an answer to? Shoot us a message and we’d love to chat!

Prism Dermatology: Back-of-Office

We’ve already shown you the waiting room, and we’re excited today to take you on a tour of the “back of office” at Prism Dermatology: the patient rooms, consultation room, and nurse station.

Like any project, we love to start with a moodboard for each room - it helps us and the clients visualize all of the pieces and finishes together. Here are a few of our initial boards!

Prism Dermatology: Waiting Room

At Michelle Erin Interiors, residential design projects are our norm. This year we had the opportunity to delve into the realm of commercial design - and lucky for us, this medical practice client was completely on board with designing a space that felt more inviting and less clinical than your typical doctor’s office.

The dermatology office’s brand “Prism” is something we integrated in the design from the beginning - an office reflecting the idea of a prism: a clean design incorporating color throughout the space in artwork, furniture, and finishes.


We toured three potential office spaces with the client before deciding on a new home for Prism. It was an 4600 square foot shell - and a completely blank slate. While the perimeter of the space is lined with windows and lots of natural light, the waiting room would be situated in a spot with no windows. Our solution? A large skylight and coffered ceiling design to maximize light in the space.

Once we finalized the office floorplan with the architect, the real fun began! Take a look at some of our initial design concepts and sample presentations.


Deciding on light fixtures was one of our favorite parts of the process! We really wanted some statement pieces in the waiting room and love how these chandeliers from Visual Comfort and pendants from Quorum Lighting finish the space.


During the initial design phases, we had quite the blank slate in the waiting room. Lots of big walls and endless possibilities for reception desk design. To fill the space and add interest we designed and added picture molding throughout, a fun tile accent wall, and colorful built in displays for reading material, products, and waiting room refreshments. This added to the residential, home-inspired look we were aiming for.

The reception area needed to be a statement - and communicate the Prism experience and brand from the second patients walked in the door. The large custom sign, stone accent wall, paneled reception desk, and quartzite waterfall detail at the counter accomplished this. Here are some installation progress photos!

When it came to making furniture selections we chose residential inspired pieces, but don’t let the modern shapes or fabrics fool you. These pieces are bulletproof! Each upholstered piece is medical grade with antimicrobial, durable, cleanable fabric and reenforced frames. We worked closely with commercial furniture companies Kellex and Flexsteel on these pieces.

Following four months of construction, our team spent 2 days in Dallas, TX installing this project - and loved seeing everything finally come together.

Thanks so much to Jason and his team at Jason Jones Photography for the final photos of the space below!


We loved working on this project and getting to bring a residential eye to a high end medical office. If you’re in need of a residential or commercial designer, we’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for pictures from the rest of the office - the waiting room is just the beginning!

New Year, New Favorites: Products We're Loving in 2019!

Now that we’ve finally made it through January (which, by the way, seems to be the month that never ends), we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite products that have helped us kick-start 2019! From rugs and hardware to wallpaper and furniture, this list has you covered— scroll through, and don’t forget to bookmark your favorites!

Nourison ELAN ELN05 rug in GREY, found  here

Nourison ELAN ELN05 rug in GREY, found here

“leaf it alone” art by Christine Olmstead, found  here

“leaf it alone” art by Christine Olmstead, found here

Anthropologie Aurelia Bookshelf, found  here

Anthropologie Aurelia Bookshelf, found here

Sherwin-Williams paint color in the shade Reticence SW 6064, found  here

Sherwin-Williams paint color in the shade Reticence SW 6064, found here

Burke Decor Scenic Wallpaper in Gold design by York Wallcoverings, found  here

Burke Decor Scenic Wallpaper in Gold design by York Wallcoverings, found here

Circa Lighting Regent Oval Sconce, found  here

Circa Lighting Regent Oval Sconce, found here

Rocky Mountain Hardware Square Ring Cabinet Pull, found  here

Rocky Mountain Hardware Square Ring Cabinet Pull, found here

Soicher-Marin ‘Orchid Studies’ Framed Drawing Print, found  here

Soicher-Marin ‘Orchid Studies’ Framed Drawing Print, found here

Charles Edwards Pineapple ceiling lantern, found  here

Charles Edwards Pineapple ceiling lantern, found here

Pasargad Modern Hand-Knotted Blue Area Rug, found  here

Pasargad Modern Hand-Knotted Blue Area Rug, found here

Nebraska Furniture Mart Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Coming Home Affection Display Cabinet in Chalk, found  here

Nebraska Furniture Mart Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Coming Home Affection Display Cabinet in Chalk, found here

HEARTSinCOLORS Lavender and Eucalyptus prints, set of 2, found  here

HEARTSinCOLORS Lavender and Eucalyptus prints, set of 2, found here

Magnolia Home Petite Rosette Gray Accent Table, found  here

Magnolia Home Petite Rosette Gray Accent Table, found here

Pottery Barn Vintage Double Hook in Brass, found  here

Pottery Barn Vintage Double Hook in Brass, found here

Beware the Moon Animals Wallpaper, found  here

Beware the Moon Animals Wallpaper, found here

Miles Redd Faux Marble Side Table, found  here

Miles Redd Faux Marble Side Table, found here

Anthropologie Odetta Media Console, found  here

Anthropologie Odetta Media Console, found here

Jaipur Living Genesis rug GES28, found  here

Jaipur Living Genesis rug GES28, found here

2019 is off to a great start! What products are you loving this year? Tag us on Instagram with #michelleerininteriors & let us know!

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