How We Source & Style Art

Welcome to our post on all things art and wall decor! Sourcing art for a client can be tricky, each client has different interests, color preferences, and styles - and sometimes even an existing art collection they’re adding to. We’ve rounded up some tips and suggestions that have worked well for us as we’re sourcing and installing artwork.

1 - What is Your Price Range?

The first thing to consider is your budget! You can find some really amazing pieces in any price range, you just have to look a little harder on a tight budget. Keep reading for some of our favorite places to look.

Great Room6Edit3.jpg

2 - What Are Your Interests?

Don’t skip this step! What we call “filler” art is practical and necessary when we don’t have the time or budget to curate a perfect art collection, but we think it’s important to have a few pieces in your home that are unique to you. Excuse us as we whip out our design school Psychology of Interior Design notes…but seriously, sit down and write out 10 things that you love. Where is your favorite place to travel? Do you have a favorite animal? What are your favorite colors? What are your hobbies? Refer to this list as you’re looking for art and even search specifically for things on your list! Do you absolutely LOVE the beach? Look for a Gray Malin print like the one below!


3 - How to Fill a Wall

There are a LOT of ways to fill a wall, let’s talk about the options and mixing them to create a cohesive look. Any one room may have 3-5 pieces of wall decor. We love to mix and match from the following:

  • Accent Wall Mural, Wallpaper, or Molding - a great option for a really large wall to help break up the space! Once you’ve got some molding on the wall, finding a few smaller art pieces is a lot easier.

  • Mirror - Go with an oversized leaning mirror behind your furniture to make a space feel huge! Wall mirrors are a great option when you’re out of ideas for artwork.

  • Wall Decor - This may be a three dimensional piece, sconce lighting, plates, etc. We came across the example below recently and we’re obsessed.

  • Shadowboxes - We love using shadowboxes (if they’re done correctly.) Even make your own with things from your own keepsake box; a family recipe, an old concert ticket, etc.

  • Paintings - Such a broad category! From abstract to impressionist or watercolor, mix up the color scheme and subject material if you’re putting multiple paintings in the same room.

  • Photography - Another great way to mix up your artwork! A photography gallery wall is a great way to fill space. We like to keep gallery walls uniform - same frame color and size, and hung symmetrically. It’s always smart to map out a gallery wall before making a purchase with painter’s tape, and when in doubt go BIGGER than you think. With photography, we also love to do smaller prints and hang 2-4 vertically or in a square arrangement to fill a larger space.

  • Furniture/Shelving - If you’re out of ideas for art, a piece of accent furniture or shelving can be another solution for helping a room feel complete. If you’re liking the shelving idea, stay away from one floating shelf hanging alone. Floor to ceiling floating shelves look much more intentional!


4. Where To Go?

There are so many great places to look for art! Here are some of our favorite:


Trowbridge - Find photography from this trade-only vendor on One King’s Lane or Shop Candelabra, a great source for high end, fine art photography. Here’s a favorite:


Local Art Shows or Galleries - Always a fun date night and a great way to get one-of-a-kind pieces!

One Kings Lane - They have a great selection of wall decor, mirrors, artwork both prints and original, and often have sales and free shipping promotions. Loving this Cadence Print available in several sizes:


Framebridge - Our favorite vendor for quality framing! Send them a physical print or photo, or digital images and they’ll send them back framed in the size and frame you choose!

Minted - Look here for lots of framing and size options, free shipping, and a great selection of current art prints and photography like this greenery print:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 1.16.40 PM.png

Etsy - check out this post from The Sweetest Digs on finding original Etsy art!


Home Goods/At Home - They often have LARGE scale art that can help fill a large wall. They’re hit or miss though, stop by a few times to look through their selection before moving on.


Ikea - our favorite place for lower budget framing!

World Market - Find pieces like this great Koi Pond triptych.


5 - Framing

With framing, we recommend sticking with a simple frame to show off the artwork instead of the frame! Play with mat color and size to mix up looks within a room. Framebridge and Ikea are two great places to look for frames.

6. Installation

We took a ruler to the artwork in our office and the center of each piece is hung 60” from the ground, or approximately eye level, and that’s a good rule of thumb to start! An exception would be if you’re hanging a series of artwork vertically or above furniture pieces. Art hung above a nightstand, console, or table should be hung 3-5” above it.

And if all else fails, contact us and we’re happy to help you with art selection and installation!