How To Create a Christmas Tablescape in 5 Easy Steps


It’s finally that time of year again—CHRISTMAS! With all of the hustle and bustle that comes with the season, creating the perfect tablescape shouldn’t add to the stress. We decided to break down our favorite ways to style a tablescape just in time for your holiday parties! After all, we believe that nothing sets the tone of a home quite like a beautifully set table.

So just how easy is creating a dapper tablescape?

(Hint: We broke it down into five steps!)


How to Create a Christmas (Or Any!) Tablescape in Five Easy Steps


Step One: The Base


Every tablescape has to start somewhere! Whether you opt for a table runner, tablecloth, placemats, or even just a piece of fabric, the bottom layer is what will ground and unify your overall look. Keep it as simple as you like or go as bold as you dare! We love the fun texture this white faux fur runner brought to our design.


Step Two: Layered Plates


There’s just something about a hefty stack of plates that screams “dinner party!” We love layering dishes of all different colors, sizes, and textures to give the table some added weight. Plus, more plates mean more food, right?!


Step Three: Flatware & Glasses


Another essential element to any table, flatware and glasses can be as effortless or adventurous as you’d like! Everyday sets can be used for a more muted or subdued look, or feel free to go bold with unique and daring designs! We decided on both—we love this unique flatware from Anthropologie, and our simple glasses from Target!


Step Four: Napkins & Accessories


This is where the fun really begins! Napkins are the perfect way to dress up any place setting. Experiment with different folds and arrangements—the possibilities are endless! Incorporate accessories to go the extra mile without that much extra effort. Napkin rings are one easy way to accessorize, as is adding a touch of greenery! To go along with our seasonal look, we used these adorable jingle bells and sprigs of fir.


Step Five: Centerpieces


Arguably the most interpretive part of the tablescape, this is where you can really let your creativity flow! Garlands and floral arrangements are a great way to add life to your design and beautifully fill the heart of the table. We opted for these cute mini fir trees to fit our holiday mood! But whatever you decide, don’t let the centerpiece be the part of the design you get hung up on—even just a simple filled vase or bowl can act as the perfect center to your look.


And that’s that! An entire tablescape in just a few steps.


We told you it was easy! What are your tablescape plans for this Christmas season? Tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MEItablescapes and show us your designs!


Happy Holidays!

Michelle Erin Interiors