Room Reveal: Madcap Cottage Conservatory

We have a fun room to share with you today! While the rest of this home used more neutral colors and patterns, we wanted to do something fun, bright, and colorful in this conservatory. During fabric and color sourcing, we came across some of these images of the Robert Allen & Madcap Cottage fabric line...


...and loved it! So we ordered a bunch of fabric samples and got started. 

Photos Above: Editor at Large and Traditional Home Magazine. 


After drawing up a floorplan for the space, the next step was choosing a paint color, and it was a tough decision! We had a really specific color in mind that would coordinate with (but not match) the fabrics we planned to use.

Since lighting in a room can dramatically change how a paint color looks on the wall, we knew we'd have to see our options in the room (and with our fabric samples). Over a 48 hour period, we slowly narrowed down our 40 paint swatch choices until we were left with one. We settled on Sherwin Williams Drizzle and despite the name, it was exactly the bright, cheery hue we were looking for!


Here was our final moodboard for the room...

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.20.50 AM.png

And the final room!


This (faux) lemon tree is the cutest. Link here!


This ridged vase was another favorite detail, as was this Madcap Cottage coffee table book! Which we actually found when the room was almost done and it was too perfect. 


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