Hello, and thanks for visiting our website! Maybe you are a design lover, browsing inspiration for your own home, needing help with paint selection, or looking for a designer to help with your next project. As you explore our "Posts" page we hope you'll find the inspiration you're looking for and maybe a tip or two for your next project, as well as some things you can expect as a Michelle Erin Interiors design client. 

A little bit about us...

We design spaces that are clean but comfortable, simple but livable, and unique but timeless. We help you create a home that is a collection of what you love, and perfectly matched to the needs and personality of your family. Our client experience is tailored to ensure it is both enjoyable and seamless. Everything from our transparent pricing to a detailed project timeline will be laid out from the beginning so that you know what to expect throughout our time together. Design is in the details, and here the details matter throughout the design process. 

There are a few ways we think we stand out as far as our design goes!

1. Trends come and go, but true interior design should be timeless - and that doesn't mean old fashioned.  We elevate the design of your home beyond current fads to ensure you love the finished space as long as you live in it. 

2. The things you surround yourself with impact how you feel. We get to know our clients - the things they love and how they live and use their homes and translate that into a visual space where they can live every day. Your home can be both "you" and "beautiful" without looking like everyone else's - and we'll make that happen.