Five Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

At Michelle Erin Interiors our goals are simple:

  • Create a beautiful and functional space that is curated and unique to you, a reflection of your life.
  • Accomplish that within a timeline and budget that our clients are comfortable with.

But - can’t I just do it myself? Isn’t it simple to choose a paint color or sofa? These among others are the concerns we hear about hiring a designer, but we’ll explain the top five reasons you won’t regret it!

The Big Picture

Interior designers are trained to see the big picture and to know how to illustrate it for you. From our first meeting, we try to learn who you are as a person, the things you like and dislike about your current space and uncover the picture you have in your mind of the perfect home – but we’ll make it better. We have access to tools and programs to lay out floor plans and finish schemes to ensure it all comes together seamlessly. Designers understand spatial planning and scale – and what is needed to make a room feel complete and balanced.



The Small Details

Just as important as the big picture are the small details – from paint sheens to mixing hardware finishes and more. Interior designers understand color, light, and scale; concepts that can often be overwhelming. We’re trained to pay attention to the details and know that they make all the difference. At Michelle Erin Interiors – this is one of our favorite parts of the design process! We love finding little spaces to add unique elements that reflect your personality.  



As much fun as HGTV is to watch, it’s given people some unrealistic ideas for the amount of time projects really take. A saying in the design industry goes: fast, cheap, or good – you can only choose two! Time should almost never be the priority, especially if it means sacrificing quality.

In reality, one room fully designed from top to bottom can take a designer up to 30 hours of time – from creating floorplans to sourcing or creating furniture, selecting fabrics and finishes, ordering and project management, and installation. Not to mention, the timeline can often be up to 4 months depending on custom furniture or drapery orders (and how decisive you are J).

That’s a lot of time for a designer, but if you are relatively inexperienced and unfamiliar with the furniture and design industry you can expect your time spent to exceed that.  If you work with a designer, you’ll be involved in all of the fun parts but will avoid hours and hours of research.



Access to Resources

Part of being a designer means access to wide range of resources and tools to improve the design process. Programs like AutoCAD and SketchUp allow us to create floorplans and room layouts, design room elevations and details, and then show you a 3D image of those drawings. These tools are priceless for clients looking to build their dream home or make significant changes to the one they already have.

Many people don’t realize that designers have access to many more furniture and fabric options than are available to the public, and companies that are making great quality products. This access allows us to truly customize a piece of furniture from the fabrics, finish, size and more. We think it is so important to be able to see and feel materials before putting them in your home, and material samples are a big part of our design process. These can be difficult to get your hands on without a designer or paying a fee. Access to designer accounts will also save you money – as designers often receive significant discounts on retail pricing. At Michelle Erin Interiors, these discounts are passed along to our clients.

Finally, a local interior designer will know and recommend reliable painters, carpenters, tile installers, and more. We know how to communicate with subcontractors to ensure designers are executed correctly.



Professional Experience

Designers have the benefit of formal education and years of experience working in the design industry and unfortunately, no amount of online research can replace those lessons learned through real life experience.

We can advise against costly mistakes, and associated frustration and wasted time. We’ll help you find quality materials and pieces that will hold up to your lifestyle. We know to check your door width to make sure the new sofa can be delivered through the front door, we know recommended offsets and grout widths for laying tile, and we know which materials work best for families with pets or kids.


Are you interested in working with an interior designer? We offer full interior design service including everything discussed above. Give us a call if you have any questions or if you’d like to get started!