Our Favorite Pillow Vendors

It doesn’t always make sense to redecorate your whole room (or whole house), but a few new pillows make a quick and easy update to any room! To save you a little bit of searching...we’ve put together some of our favorite pillow sources below:

Most Fun: Zara Home

We love Zara Home’s selection for their unique and edgy patterns and colors, especially loving their animal prints right now! All of their pillow covers are under $50, and they have some great basics to choose from, too.

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Best Price: West Elm

We can always count on West Elm for interesting colors, styles, patterns, and always great basics at prices ranging from $10-40/pillow! They also have retail stores in most major cities for those of you who want to go check out their selection in person! Some of our favorites below.

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Best Selection: Etsy

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Etsy…there are so many gems! But so many to weed through as well. If you know what you’re looking for you can find it on Etsy. And if you don’t, it helps to have a starting point! Our favorite Etsy pillow shops use designer fabrics and make their own custom pillows, and often to order. This is the best way to go “custom” without the full commitment of finding a workroom and choosing from thousands of fabrics on your own! A few of our favorite Etsy pillow shops are PetajaFiberWorks, Motif Pillows, and Spark Modern. PS. If you’ve followed us for long, you already know we’re big Kelly Wearstler fans - and you can find so many of her fabric designs as pillows on Etsy! You’re welcome!

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Best Quality: Custom

A trusted workroom really can’t be beat as far as quality goes! Ask your designer or give us a call if you’re interested in having full control over the design of your pillow. We’ll be able to help you choose the best inserts, deciding on sizes and arrangements, help with fabric selection and pattern mixing, and put you in touch with a custom pillow fabricator that will do a quality job.

Best Splurge: Shop Candelabra

While Shop Candelabra sells higher end brands, it is one of the best online retailers to find designer pillow (and furniture) lines that are typically only available to the design trade. You’ll find unique high end pieces with beading, applique and embroidery, and statement pieces worth splurging on.

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Best Basics: Pottery Barn

We think any great pillow pairing is grounded with a great solid or basic pattern - and if you can’t find it at Pottery Barn it might be tough to find! They have such a variety of solid colors in linen, velvet, cotton, chenille, embroidered…and different sizes too.

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