You Asked, We Answered: Designer Q&A


In a recent Instagram story (if you don’t already follow us, you can here!), we opened up for questions from our followers about what they wanted to know about us or working with a designer. In case you missed our Q&A, we’ve compiled the questions asked and what we answered for you to read through!

Q: Do you like for clients to be involved in the design process or are you more of a hands-off approach?

A: We've had and loved working with both clients who want to be involved every step of the way and have lots of great ideas already, and also clients who need someone to present ideas to them and make the actual decision making process easier!

Q: Do you do both remodels and new builds? What about decorating help— is there a minimum budget?

A: All of the above! We have junior designers who work on a range of smaller scale projects including styling or making paint color selections, so no minimum budget!

Q: I see you're located in Utah. Do you take clients from Utah only?

A: We are based in Utah, but completed two new construction projects out of state last year— and love our out of state clients!

Q: How do you charge clients?

A: Our most typical project is billed hourly at the end of each month! Our goal is to be as transparent on pricing as possible, and we'll go over all of this in detail at our consultation.

Q: Did you study to be an interior designer?

A: Yes! After getting a bachelor's degree in exercise science, my completely unrelated first job out of college was at a design firm in Beverly Hills, CA. I loved it (and have always loved design) and decided to go back to school for interior architecture at UCLA!

Q: Where do you get your design inspiration?

A: While inspiration can come from EVERYWHERE, our favorite way to find inspiration is through travel and exploring. And that doesn't have to mean from a foreign country— you can tour your own city or state for all kinds of design inspiration!

Q: Do you source trade items only?

A: No— but we do have vendors we know, love, and trust to do quality work!

Q: Where should you splurge on a design project?

A: Great question— first we would say the things you're really excited about! That wallpaper or backsplash tile you fell in love with are the things you'll love the most even if they're slightly out of your comfort zone or your price range. There are always ways to incorporate those details in smaller quantities so they don't break the bank. Second, don't skimp on upholstery, light fixtures, or cabinets! That's where we think quality is the most obvious.

Q: Do you offer free consultations?

A: Not always, but now is such a great time of year to start thinking about your design project that we're offering free consultations through the end of March! Give us a call to schedule!

Q: How long have you been in the industry?

A: About 5 years!

Q: What is your favorite part of the design process?

A: Ah, we have two! One is becoming friends with our clients so we can make their home a reflection of them! The second is pushing clients slightly out of their comfort zone as far as style goes— we find that the things that stretch them end up being their favorite parts of the finished design!

Any questions for us that you still don’t have an answer to? Shoot us a message and we’d love to chat!