One Room Challenge Week 4

We’re feeling the time crunch this week!! The 6 week timeline is definitely a challenge for a full bathroom remodel, even though it’s a powder bath.

Over the past week we’ve nailed down a vanity style, light fixtures, completing room elevations for our contractors, and trying to get all of our scheduling lined up to be done before May 9!

It’s always fun, for us at least, to hear more details about the design process and things we’ve learned along the way. Not working directly with a builder or general contractor on this project, we’ve run into a few obstacles that typically get handled behind the scenes!

We learned that putting together a custom vanity - cabinet, countertop, hardware, etc. - is just a longer process than 6 weeks between cabinet design, countertop selection, fabrication, templating for countertops, and final installation. After the first 2-3 weeks trying to figure out a way to get it all done on time, we realized if we were to have any chance of meeting the deadline that we’d need to find a pre-made vanity! Luckily we found this one from Room and Board that is really similar to what we were wanting to have made, and it even came in a 26” size, which proved hard to find!

Did you know that code technically requires 15” of space between the centerline of the toilet and the wall or vanity on either side? With 18” being the recommendation.


Another issue we ran into is actually a common problem with many UT and west coast homes! While homes in other parts of the country are built standard with smooth wall texture, here the texture is used to hide wall imperfections. Perfectly smooth walls are typically an upgrade, if they’re even available! That makes things like wallpaper and tile tricky - especially if you want perfectly flat tile or if you’re using a wallpaper without much of a pattern or texture.

Lucky for us - our wallpaper and tile installers have been able to work with the texture in this powder bath, and we’ll share more next week! Here’s what we mean by the wall texture:


We also put together the following elevation of the vanity wall this week to give our contractors the specifics on spacing and size for installation!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 8.27.32 AM.png

This week we also got the vanity mirror, light fixtures, hardware, and artwork ordered! After this week we’re feeling much better about getting everything done in time…fingers crossed!

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