One Room Challenge Week 5

We’re in the home stretch of the One Room Challenge! Our countdown is officially at 6 days! Still a lot to do, but we’ve got all of our installations lined up and keeping our fingers crossed that it all comes together.

This week we wanted to share some of our sources for the materials we used in the powder bathroom, how we made selections, and also show you the finished tile accent wall!

First off - light fixtures! We’ve heard it said that light fixtures are the jewelry of the room…if there is ONE thing we would choose as the stand out statement piece in a room it would be lighting! In this powder bath, we were lucky that there are actually TWO fixtures, an overhead flush mount and a vanity light. Just a reminder of the fixtures that were here…although it turns out that direct photos of light fixtures while they’re on in a powder bathroom don’t turn out so well!


For both fixtures, we chose a more modern style that fits with the black, white, neutral color scheme we have going. Both fixtures were chosen from Hudson Valley Lighting!

We shared the bathroom vanity we chose last week - and can’t wait to see it installed! We also have a mirror, artwork, and hardware ready to be installed this week! Since the wallpaper and accent tile are such a statement in this room, we kept some of the other finishing details more understated.

While the wallpaper is going on 3 walls in the powder bathroom, we still felt like it need one piece of art on the main wall! We found this cute print from (one of our most favorite resources for quick ship artwork!)

One of the questions we get asked by clients the most is about mixing finishes! How many can you have in a room, does everything need to match your door hardware, and what finishes are timeless vs. trendy! Well our personal opinion is that almost anything goes these days as far as finish mixing. Here are a few “rules” we play by:

1.) Make it intentional! Mixing polished and brushed brass in the same room feels more like a mistake than an intentional design choice. If you want to mix and match, stick with finishes that are clearly different.

2.) We’ve found it’s often more about the style of the finishes than the color. You can find a timeless, classic style for light fixtures and hardware in every finish! Instead of worrying too much about the color, go for classic, timeless shapes instead of the trendy ones.

And last but not least…our wallpaper! We’re so excited to see this go up early this week.

Last, we wanted to share the progress on the tile accent wall! We went with the Cloe 2.5x8” tile from Bedrosians. We looove this tile in place of a standard subway tile - it has so much more variation and interest! And for grout we wanted a slight contrast, so we went with Permacolor Dusty Grey!


They started the day filling drywall from where the plumbing had to be rerouted from the floor to the wall. Lucky for everyone, the tiles fit almost perfectly 7 across - so no weird cuts!


We looove how it turned out and can’t wait to see everything else come together early this week!

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